How to set up Wii WiFi with WEP encryption

11. Februar 2008, 19:24 Uhr von Fabian

(Important note: I use WEP encryption which is considered insecure here, because it’s the only standard supported by my dad’s PDA. Sad, but true. For your Wii you should use the stronger WPA.)

Last week my Wii’s WiFi connection suddenly stopped working. Today I tried to fix it and went through the same trial-and-error episode as everytime I try to set up our WLAN router and its connected devices. Next time I’ll hopefully remember this post:

  1. First disable all stuff that might cause the erroneous behavior: encryption, MAC filtering. Insecure but this will only last some minutes.
  2. Enable SSID broadcast. Restart the router.
  3. Make up a 13 char password. Use your brain or a tool like pwgen -s1 13
  4. To generate the new key visit a Wireless Encryption Key calculator of your choice. The first hit one Google will probably be fine.
  5. Enter the made up password into the calculator. Probably a box called “ASCII Custom Phrase” or something.
  6. Copy the hexadecimal result.
  7. Configure your router (an old model by SMC at my site): Wireless – Security: WEP encrytion type: 128 bit; Key generation method: ASCII; enter 13 char password into the “Key 1″ field. Set “Key 1″ active. Apply.
  8. My Wii: use the 13 char password in the connection settings.
  9. Dad’s PDA:use the 26 char hexadecimal result from the WEP calculator.
  10. At last: enable MAC filtering; disable SSID broadcast.

Should work now.

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